Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals…

This blog post is inspired by a quote I found online that says ” Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals.. And ugly people”. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while and finally got around it. I’m happy with the outcome and love
the concept behind it. I hope you like it too and I’ll see ya next time. Happy Thanksgiving!


Skin / Belleza – Skyla
Lips / FishyStrawberry
Nails / Mandala
Lashes / Mstyle
Eyes / Mayfly
Hair / Wasabi Pills / Veronica
Corset / Tee*fy / Mini Corset
Skirt / REMY / Peek Slit Skirt / Grey/Black
Shoes / Savona Shoes 

Fur / A|B / Fur Stole / Rocco

Glasses / Swallow / Metropolis/ BLack

Pearls / Mandala / PearlRain Necklace
Earrings / J U D A S / Revolution Chanel Pearl
Cuff Bangle / RYCA
Claw Bracelet / ISON

(Cig can easily be found on marketplace. Panther is also courtesy of Zooby)


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