Chanel, Red boots & Stripes.



Quality for Cheap!! Here’s a few of items that I was anxious to blog. Before I get to the accessories, I’d like to point out that the top does come with Lola and Tango appliers. Ok, So first up are the hoop earrings from 7891. I love them because they’re not just ordinary hoops. I know my graphics does not do any justice and it looks like spikes but they’re actually white diamonds going down along the whole earring. They are good quality, gorgeous and when I saw the price, It was an instant buy. The clutch I had to get because I found it very unique and just loved it. Well, Hope you enjoy this little outfit I put together, nothing crazy. 😛


Credits :

Skin / Glance / Nyasha
Makeup / Glance
Hair / Rumina (Group gift)
Top / [EF] / Stripey Crop Top
Skirt / ISON / Highwaisted Zipper Skirt
Socks / Q- / CC Socks
Watch / EY:NO
Shoes / LC / Kila Booties



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