Special Post -Blazers by R.icielli


This post is obviously dedicated to R.icielli for making these  fabulous and so sexy blazers which by the way… ARE ONLY  ONLY 65L’S @ TDR!! Just saying..The set  do include  a few others that are not shown here., these are my favs.  Ambitious is probably the concept behind this look.  Maybe  a girl  who’s new to the fashion industry and still works behind closed doors or Maybe she’s the ceo of a fashion magazine? Either way, I like it! I hope you do  too 😛


Skin / Glance / Nyasha
Hair / Dela / Taylor
Nails / izzie’s / French Tips


Blazers / R.Icielli ( @ The Dressing Room! )
Pants / H.O.F / Leather Leggings


Shoes / H.O.F / Carla Pumps
Glasses / ISON / Quinton Glasses (Crystal)
Watch / 7891 / Marc Watch (part of valleygirl set)
Bracelet / 7891 / These Lips


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