Say Goodnight

say night night


Sometimes you just feel like a bad bitch & that’s totally ok. *evil smirk*
Skin by Swallow / Gwen
Eyes by IKON (ty for the gift!)
Hair by Emo-tions / COLLIEN

Guns by BEUSY! (<3)
Bracelete by FzaPP.. (comes with ring set)
Rose by Artilleri.. (LOVE these so much, I always wear ’em)
Goggles by RO..(Comes open or closed)
Boots by Paper Bag
Cig by Hermony..(incase yo’re wondering)

Jacket by Lethal Couture
Top by Lazybones / Nude
Bottom by [Invader]


P.S If you have any questions about what i’m wearing or links not working, just send me an IM and I’ll help you out 🙂