Brazilian Mesh Head by BODY GOSSIP Review ♥






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The owner of Body Gossip asked ” Want to blog our new mesh head?” and I was like… Let me think about it *split second later* YESS!!! XD
I was so happy because I know that top brands like these don’t really give little bloggers like myself the chance to blog their products, so I’m very thankful. ♥

Here is my little review on the new Brazilian “Ethnics!” Mesh head by BODY GOSSIP.
This mesh head is actually really nice and very pretty. It comes with a skin to match, two pair of eyes(very realistic btw, I love them!), Slink and wowmeh appliers, about 3 nose styles,  and bunch of other things. Everything can be easily changed to your liking by cliking a hud. You can buy more makeup packs at the store, these colors are just what I picked out. Each pack comes with about 5 options and styles.
Besides makeup and hairbases, there’s also options for eyelid style(Incase you want to look asian or something?) and a pack of beautymarks which comes with a kiss tattoo on the cheek and cheekbone bronze options.
I mean this head got options! Also, did I mention it can blink and the eyes are animated? You can wear your regular eyes, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, it got options, which is important when it comes to
mesh heads.

I can’t wait for their new skin tones! I think Body Gossip is just getting started, so I’m excited.

P.S – Also, the owner is very nice. Thanks for letting blog you!