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wild free

Hola my bebes! New layout because I got bored, hehe. I’m trying to make the blog look more professh and fashion-like. Also, I think I’ll try this whole no links thing, kind of like how it is when you look at a magazine in RL. Am I feeling lazy? Maybe but I promise  that when ever I don’t link, I’ll still spell out the whole store name, NO ABBREVIATIONS! Promise!

Anywhos, here are my 2 looks for today, more coming. Also, thank you ZENITH for sponsoring the sweater I’m wearing on the left. When I saw it I was like, I NEED TO HAVE IT!! It’s pretty amazing if you ask me,hehe. Last but not least, the sexy ass mesh head is courtesy of VIVE NINE(Not custom) and the eyes are by BUZZERI.

Thank youuu!! Love you all, God bless. ♥