Military Chic # 2


Hello bebes 🙂 – I’m just here trying to take in-world photos for my blog. It’s really not as easy at it looks, at least not for me hehe. After about 2 days of trying to find the right windlight, I finally took a snapshot I was happy with. When I do in-world snapshots, I do very minimum editing, I only add highlights to the eyes, lips and maybe the cheeks- only because the skin is not what I’m blogging, I’m only showcasing the outfit and accessories. You all know the skin I pretty much always got on, Chai by Fiore. When I blog a skin, I don’t edit it at all.


Anywhos, this is my military sorta inspired look, hope you all like it. I love everything I’m wearing!:> Also, the pictures were taken at the OUTBREAK sim which is a very well designed sim with a zombie survival theme.

S H E  W E A R S . . .

Hair / Bold & Beauty / Andrea
Cap / Foil / Vida Scraf Wrap / Platinum
Leather Two Piece / *M.Birdie* / Khaki
Socks / Izzie’s / OverKnee Socks
Shoes / Paper Bag / Melissa
Earrings / Remarkable Oblivion / Arsenal