Talk about legs

talk about legs


Please, don’t judge me. I didn’t know what else to title this post, lol. I’m loving the natural colors right now and this hair is life!!I would dye my hair this minty ombre in rl and I probably will too 😀

Skin / ViveNine
Hair / Olive
Tattoos / Identity
Top / Ryvolter
Shorts / Addamns
Shoes / CO57
Blazer / Seul
Jewls / Mandala


Special Post – VIVE NINE / Ryvolter ..” My Life in White & Black “

VIVE NINE Ryvolter

VIVE NINE IN THE HOUSEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am not being professional right now. STOP IT! OKAY! So. This is my dedication to VIVE NINE And their new clothing line called Ryvolter. I gotta say, the minute I stepped foot in the new store it was like, I died, went to heaven and white birds flew everywhere. EVERYTHING in the store is something of my liking. I would buy the whole store and I kinda did, I kept tping back and buying more , lol. So these are some of the items that I purchased and made two cute little outfits with. Hope you like! ❤


Skin / Glance / Nyasha
Hair / Action
Nails / izzie’s / French Tips


VIVE NINE ryvolter !


Shoes / VIVE NINE / Translucent Pumps
Bangle / 7891 / Insight collection
Ring / 7891 / Hollywood Collection
Necklace / Bens Beauty / Wings Necklace
Earrings / RYCA / Hoops