118 2Skin / Fiore
Hair / Moon
Eyes / {S0NG}
Lashes / Mai.Bilavio
Headphones / Remarkable Oblivion
Top / Tentacio
Skirt / Le Primitif
Shoes / CO57
Claws+Rings / [CX]
Watch+Bracelets / Bens Beauty
Clutch / SEUL


Outlined Bikini collection by GRAYSCALE

outlined bikini set AD

Hello my bebes ! YES, YOU, The one reading this right now ;P. So I decided to make something new for my store, Grayscale. I made these cute bright color Bikinis and I love them! I just love neon colors for some reason. Anywho, They come with Phat AZZ and Tango appliers all included. Each set is only 150L. The little collection is only available on my marketplace. Check it out! Also, I’ll be making more stuff soon. Thankies ❤

Special Post – VIVE NINE / Ryvolter ..” My Life in White & Black “

VIVE NINE Ryvolter

VIVE NINE IN THE HOUSEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am not being professional right now. STOP IT! OKAY! So. This is my dedication to VIVE NINE And their new clothing line called Ryvolter. I gotta say, the minute I stepped foot in the new store it was like, I died, went to heaven and white birds flew everywhere. EVERYTHING in the store is something of my liking. I would buy the whole store and I kinda did, I kept tping back and buying more , lol. So these are some of the items that I purchased and made two cute little outfits with. Hope you like! ❤


Skin / Glance / Nyasha
Hair / Action
Nails / izzie’s / French Tips


VIVE NINE ryvolter !


Shoes / VIVE NINE / Translucent Pumps
Bangle / 7891 / Insight collection
Ring / 7891 / Hollywood Collection
Necklace / Bens Beauty / Wings Necklace
Earrings / RYCA / Hoops