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hairby moon

HAIR PORN!! Hey my bebes, I just wanted to do a quick post and show off these sexy ass wigs, girl. They are obviously from MOON. I just wanted to say real quick that I LOVE and praise MOON(Silent Acoustic) for going outside the damn box and making hair textures with sparkles. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Thank You!

So ladies, if you want to be a mermaid , a feary or whatever sexy mythical creature you want to be, tp to MOON and check these wigs out. She also got regular textured hair so if you’re just a human, that’s fine too lol.

Love ju guys, bechos! ♥

THE ARCADE – Space Heroes


Hair/Cabello : Paperbag / Kosa / Rasheeda
Brows/Ejas : Grayscale / coming soon ♥
Outfit/Ropa : REBEL GAL / zye Plaster / Lavender

Arcade Items :
Boots & Gun/Botas*Pistola: *BOOM*
Mask/Mascara : ::{u.f.o}:: / the lazy song – sleep shade – fighter RARE
Alien pet/estraterestre: The Secret Store / Little Alien – Yerder
Space Companions : -Pixicat- / Space.Companion
Big monster to defeat : d-lab / -Monster4-Chair Monster 01-demo

Ombre Crazy..

ombre crazy



Yep, I’m back with this sort of magazine style of blogging. I still believe it’s the best way to capture the quality of the items I blog and also, since I was  probably the first one to do this blog style on SL I think I have every right to take back my style :D.. hehe. With this post I’m bringing to you these hot leggings from REBEL GAL and these amazing new shoes from FLITE. Both of these 2 items and everything else that I’m wearing is top quality and over all amazing. It’s tough when I have several cool items to show and want to blog them all at once >.< lol.. I think this outfit came out alright, though. Also, the nails are for slink hands. Links below !


Skin / Deesses Skins: Madyna
Hair / ICONIC / Chaka
Nails / KOSH / Matte & Shine


Top / Villena / Cotton Sweater / Icecream Ombre
Pants / Rebel Gal / Oil Spill Garter Leggings ~ Gasoline. 2 @ Fi*Fridays


Shoes / FLITE / Gliders (Look out for new realeses!)
Necklace / [tea.s] / Cutie Bow Necklace
Watch / Vershe (Gatcha)

Any questions, just IM