Deleting backgrounds

Hey guys! Vida here 😀 – This is a basic tutorial on how to delete green backgrounds and also how to delete the green from hairstyles with fine hairs. Mesh hair is easy to work with when editting, but hairstyle that are more realistic and have thin hair strands can be a little more tricky. Keep in mind that you can also do this same step if you used a cyan color background too.

There are several ways and tools you can use to delete a backgrounds.
Basic tools:

Magic Eraser – For quick deletion. Easy way to delete the whole background or most of it.

Background eraser: Great for deleting the background color on fine hairs and small objects like accessories, chains. etc.

Magic wand: You can use this when your subject/avatar is wearing a color that is similar to the background color, for example – Your avatar wearing light gray pants and the background is white. Clicking on the background with the Magic eraser will probably delete the pants too, because the colors are too similar and the pants probably blend with the background.
Let’s begin with the tut, shall we? 😉
I’ll be deleting green off my avatar’s hair as an example. like i said, this method can be used for accessories and other types. Remember that this is only how I do it. I’m no expert, this is just MY way of doing things and it works for me.

I’ll be using this picture. tutpic1

Step 1. – Open up your picture in photoshop.

Step 2. – Click on the Magic eraser and then go over to your picture and click on the background area. It should delete most if not all the background. Click on any area that still has some green left. tutpic2

Step 3. – Now you can choose the background eraser and get all the green left in the avatar’s hair and any other small areas that the magic eraser didn’t get. Using the background eraser is pretty easy. My settings are: Sampling: Once – Contiguous -Tolerance:50-ish. Once your settings are set and working for you, click on the green areas and continue on draging your mouse around all the green. Sometimes I let go of the mouse and tap on it again. It should be deleting as you go and it should now look like this.tutpic3

Step 4. – So now most of the green is gone but there might still be some green on the hair. In this case, I press Ctrl + U and open up Hue/Saturation window. Then right below “Preset:” there’s another drop down menu. I click on it and I choose green(or cyan, depending the color of the background that I used). Then I drag the Sat and Lightness sliders all the way to the left. That makes any green color go dark/black.

NOTE: If your avatar is wearing green or have green eyes(or anything else green other than the green you’re trying to get rid of), you might want to use the select tool and select the area you’re working on so it doesn’t change anything else, like your green clothes, etc. 

If the hair color is brown, red or blond(or any besides black), you can play with the Hue slider and try to match the green/cyan leftover color with the color of the hair.
So now you’re pretty much done. At this point, I just make a new layer, drag it under the avatar layer and start creating my own background with the gradient tool, or I use a background found online. Sometimes I just go on Second Life and take a snapshot of a nice scenery.


Any questions, feel free to ask! I’ll try my best to help ❤