heavenly royal ft

Heavenly Royal

heavenly royal heavenly royal ft

For Shiny shabby! & YAY for in-world photography!! I’m trying this decorating thingy for the first time because I do receive deco items in certain groups I belong to and it’s only fair that I blog those items too.  I obviously like all the deco and furniture items I’ve included in the picture above but I think the highlight for me is the Totoro frame on the left corner,  Totoro is one of my ultimate favorite characters and I died and went to heaven when I saw it on my flickr feed, lol. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, just google My Neighbor Totoro. It’s a great animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki, who is basically one of the greatest. His movies are always creative, sentimental and always triggers your imagination.

S H E   W E A R . . .

Skin / Theskinnery / Julie @ Shiny Shabby
Shape / Visage / Julie Face #1
Hair / Moon / Neen
Dress / Rowne / Anouk Silk Dress
Jewelry / Mandala / Pearl Rain @ Shiny Shabby
Headpiece / Zenith / vintage lace pearl @ Shiny Shabby

D E C O / B A C K G R O U N D  I T E M S . . . All items are @ Shiny Shabby ♥

House / Fanatik
Rug / Junk.
Totoro Frame / Pure Poison
Newspaper Wings / 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Window frame lights / Junk.
Cabinet / tarte.
Flower pot / 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Lantern / 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Plant Stand / Junk.

kaneki inspired ft

Tokyo Ghoul Inspired Look – Kaneki Ken

kaneki inspired

Anybody out there watch anime ?? Well I do and this look is inspired by an anime that I’m currently obsessed with called Tokyo Ghoul. My avatar is dressed inspired by the main character called Kaneki Ken. He’s pretty much the sickest baddest mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH character in the anime world right now, is it weird to have a crush on an anime character?? I hope not, hehe :D. Tokyo Ghoul is becoming more and more popular and I didn’t expect anything less, it’s freaking INSANE, literally, soo bad ass. I won’t spoil it, just check it out for yourself.

Also wanted to add that I’m thinking of creating a second blog just for my cosplay outfits inspired by favorite anime characters. I hope I have time for it!! Anywho, the adress for that is vidacosplay.wordpress.com. I think I’ll be posting anime inspired looks really soon so keep a look out for that. <3

S H E   W E A R . . .

Hair / Mina Hair / Kaya @ Shiny Shabby
Eyes / Lovely Disarray / Ghoul eyes @ Creepy Kawaii
Mask / *JK* / Predator Mask
Blood / Ni.Ju / Drippy Goo (Mesh drips)
Top / Lethal Couture / Split Maxi @ Kustom 9
Leggings / ABC / Comforter for Maitreya


milichicpos ft

Military Chic # 2


Hello bebes :) – I’m just here trying to take in-world photos for my blog. It’s really not as easy at it looks, at least not for me hehe. After about 2 days of trying to find the right windlight, I finally took a snapshot I was happy with. When I do in-world snapshots, I do very minimum editing, I only add highlights to the eyes, lips and maybe the cheeks- only because the skin is not what I’m blogging, I’m only showcasing the outfit and accessories. You all know the skin I pretty much always got on, Chai by Fiore. When I blog a skin, I don’t edit it at all.


Anywhos, this is my military sorta inspired look, hope you all like it. I love everything I’m wearing!:> Also, the pictures were taken at the OUTBREAK sim which is a very well designed sim with a zombie survival theme.

S H E  W E A R S . . .

Hair / Bold & Beauty / Andrea
Cap / Foil / Vida Scraf Wrap / Platinum
Leather Two Piece / *M.Birdie* / Khaki
Socks / Izzie’s / OverKnee Socks
Shoes / Paper Bag / Melissa
Earrings / Remarkable Oblivion / Arsenal

rebelschoolgirl ft

Rebel School Girl


She Wears…

Hair / Beusy / Tsubaki Hair
Beauty Marks / The skinnery @ chapter Four
Top / Paper Bag / My sign is Virgo
Skirt / PixiCat / Autumn.Skirt
Shoes / Co57 / Daphne Pumps / Noir
Stockings / Nylon Outfitters / Ripped up Stockings
Hand Tape / Elegant Filth

Open Your Eyes ft

Shut your mouth, Open your eyes..

Open Your Eyes

An Interesting and fun post for ya! Quick note: My avatar is wearing the mesh head, Yeni by *_M.BIRDIE_*. It includes the skin, 2 pair of mesh eyes, a hud for expression change and options for makeups and hair base. The expressions are pretty cute, had to include the wink one :P

She Wears..

Hair / Rebel Gal / Vera
Mesh head + Skin / *M.Birdie* / Yeni
Top / *M.Birdie / Layered MTM
Pants / Hucci / Yigin Leggins
Shoes / Flite / Vaders
Crown / PaperBag / Crown Headband